Following in their Parents Footsteps

In the early 1970's my parents, Bill and Liz McHolland created a recreational program for special needs children in the Pittsburgh area. This group was dedicated to giving mentally challenged children in our area a physical and recreational outlet that was unique at the time. They were inspired to do so by the special needs of their own daughter, my sister, Peggy. It is their efforts and success that inspired me to take on this challenge and to benefit such a deserving group as Special Olympics. To sponsor my trek, click the Donate Now link. Thanks for your support!
Because of a potentially serious medical concern I've been forced to cancel the remainder of my hike. While the suddenness of the condition came as a great surprise and my "doctor's orders" to cancel the hike are deeply saddening I do come away with so many wonderful and heartwarming memories. In my month (and 400 miles) on the road I met so many kind, generous and interesting people. So many in fact that it would be impossible for me to name them all. That said, I'm forever indebted to four remarkable souls who have left an indelible mark on me...John and Kait Seyal and their rescue dogs Max and Grace. I caught up with the four of them after several days alone on the trail as they also made their way across the country. I will cherish, and long remember, the time and miles the five of us spent together. So much can be said of the good work they do as they visit schools and hospitals spreading their unique brand of unconditional love and good will. Their continuing story can be found at

Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone who helped make the hike possible, to those who so generously donated to Special Olympics and for the outpouring of concern for my health and well being.          

Current Location | Hike Canceled As of 4.5.12

Miles Walked to Date | 400

Donations to Date | $2,305.00

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